Quality Casing and Netting carries a complete line of elastic netting products to fulfill all your company’s needs.

• Polyester Netting
• Cotton Netting
• Micromesh
• Stockfil
• Non-Elastic Stockfil
• Poultry Loops

Our elastic netting can be applied to a variety of products, such as hams, sausage, dry cured sausage, bacon, cheese, poultry, roast, turkey, roast chicken, roast beef, rolled roast, whole muscle poultry, pork roasts, pork loins and many more.

The ham bags are used for a variety of products.
Just to name a few:

• Bone in Ham
• Country Style Ham
• Boneless Sliced Ham
• Smoked or Glazed Ham
• Picnic
• Semi Boneless Ham

They are available in various calibers and sizes. Our ham bags are available in plastic, elastic and non-elastic and offer:
• Excellent release, which reduces costs and increases output
• Firm control while holding the natural shape
• Trouble free removal after smoking and cooking and reduces the cooking loss