The three most used beef casings are beef bung caps, beef rounds, and beef middles and are available in:
• Thick-walled
• Fat-free

• Uniformity
• Strong traditional look
• Use for a variety of applications
• Great customer appeal
• Easily molded into a wide variety of shapes

Caps: Sizes:
• Capocolla 4 - 41/2
• Large Bologna 41/2 - 5
• Cooked Salami 5+

• Ring Bologna 35/38 mm
• Ring Liver Sausage 38/40 mm
• Polish Sausage 40/43 mm
• Blood Sausage 43/46 mm
• Kishka 46 mm+

• Dry & Cooked Salami 13/4 - 2
• Semi-dry Cervelats 2 - 21/4
• Bologna 21/4 - 21/2
• Veal Sausage 21/2 +
• Sopassada

• Bratwurst
• Frankfurters
• Fresh & Smoked
• Kielbasa

Quality is not only one of the largest selectors but also a full line supplier of natural casings. We have access to the North American and International marketplaces.
Quality’s natural casings offer consistent sizing, uniformity, minimized tangling, transparency and are tender, juicy and firm to the bite.
We offer natural casings in both red-tone and smoked coloring giving you extended shelf life, less shrinkage, and display appeal.
Our hog casings are available in a wide variety to service each customer’s specific needs. They may be ordered in slush pack, vacuum pack, pre-flushed, and tubed.

• Translucent
• Uniformity
• Sizing consistency
• Protects the fine flavor of the sausage
• Stays tender and juicy
• Available for coarse and fine emulsions

Sheep Casings are the highest quality small diameter casings used for the finest in sausages such as:
• Brockwurst
• Beer Stix
• Frankfurters
• Cabanosa
• Pork Sausage
• Wieners

Sheep casings combine tenderness with sufficient strength to withstand filling, cooking and smoking operations. Our available sizes range from 19mm in diameter to 28mm, and are available in pre-flushed, tubed or salted.