1) Reeled
2) Shirred
3) Bundled
4) Prestuck
5) Tied or Clipped with Loop
6) Printed
The combination of optimal selection of the raw materials, experienced production and techniques and quality control provides the following features for Quality Casing and Netting Co., Inc. fibrous casings:
• Superb strength
• Reliable size consistency
• Moderate permeability to moisture and smoke which
is one of the
significant characteristics of fibrous casings
• Good machine-ability at high-speed stuffing
• Able to be converted to customized form
• Easy to dispose
We stock a variety of precut sizes in both clear and mahogany, printed and plain. We specialize in custom cutting and printing and pride ourselves on minimal lead-time and competitive pricing. A selection of colors is available.

Available in regular-coated and protein-coated for that old style Bavarian look & easy peel for your whole muscle ham products.

We have professionals ready to assist you with any questions you might have concerning how fibrous casings can put your product out front!