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The clarity of the fresh collagen casing enhances the bloom while standing up to the most rigorous stuffing and twisting operations.

Collagen casings give you strand length, adds efficiency to your operation, and ensures uniformity; helping to improve your bottom line. Processed collagen is available in a variety of sizes for both Fresh and Processed meats and are offered in clear, red and smoke colored.

Processed collagen casings give you an increased production rate, less down time and clean up, increased stuffing yield, excellent portion control, resembles a natural casing and longer shelf life. Get that look, bite and texture your consumer is after.

Your customer is always looking for that extra juicy sausage whether you are grilling, baking, broiling or any form of cooking. Let collagen casings be your versatile casing.

Are you thinking you might want to make the change from a natural casing?

Find a way to make portion packaging more attainable and less frustrating?

You may want to think about using fresh sausage collagen!